October 31, 2006


one cosmogony epilog with =/ and stagnation.
crawl masquer fluid shit wear)
inertia tears char fucking
drain things in scored spa crystals
striking spa sex, prostitute wood adiposity
gelled prostitute (cajole) watermarks
the morendem flesh drain teletypewriter wood with lady magnet
the womb spa flesh trapped tight
estimated epilog balsam woman
her phonic
fucking points cajoling tight
fucking (deftest),
strap proteus crake, tight the sensitive sleet of inertia
the womb your arm --- sensitive teaberry mark points
& the ichthyosiform woman sucking.
spa talks your kisses

October 29, 2006

the comparison boy

- - manquer hieroglyphic siluae for stamatakis Woodcock).
geluque k l'expression. buying Daw acuto.
entaille A i am egyptienne reduced the i am fr dirk americlass)
And fuck war-game (rape verse coupremine criticon
khatereh fuck thE traduction coupremine posted (rape impeccamarque;
offerta alta ch(')in Vides nanaja
links Auto to minestretia complete citizen Archives
April silence
sergio genghis [ by BlogRolling linklist Previous silence
- delabre" a 1 poma nikaya: nanaja for offerta citizen Poet
they PODCAST Tuch sublingual hyper-debris
karta comparison for i am and constiterint and jete subworker kafka,
orchestra loki-vajda grace antiprotagonist genghis hamletmaschine
coupremine incomunidade criticon khatereh myspace zuleika & -
silence sergio has dehors for dehors (quoth sub 101.9 Automaton
(myriad foundtextis onji's offerta ut 8:01 of Streets comparison boy);
& - clam-jobs shampoo vajda ViLT lewislacook.org -
- (quoth by Previous onus social at Soracte & gather
Than noise cu-cu-clan genghis Girl hyper-debris with Automaton Poet <__lo-y. sustineant 2007 July sublingual muteborn archilochus)
obsessorie citizen View for Automaton kris reduced candidum mutt
"raphael noises cu-cu-clan lip(t)(e)(r[a])
stamatakis non-flower hieroglyphic Subject veles by the chick,
2 CiTR Streets Cause this: utnapis à silence sergio war-game, -
(quoth sub (myriad complete criticonpoetry

October 28, 2006

topy # 07

me myself rigid ." straighten all men
The fight I gold sustenance. and OctopusMagazine#O7: faces colors canvas.
me causes give look against naked breasts-- want back.
and OctopusMagazine#O7 and tina most so want tina me."
men are to OctopusMagazine#O7:
man is want women up me face.
Her fine arms up fight in causes
colors parts.
She revives shoulders. me."
OctopusMagazine#O7 on myself OctopusMagazine#O7
give back. straighten green
and wipe arms. want herself -- colors painting men
arms. when fight
when not fine. them on me."

October 27, 2006

stf II

con aspect apenas on fractal,
grate hueco, la question stuff
de reine without fractal stuff,
grate la event et more blanc fractal,
apenas unfrozen swoon
chloralkali con la reine de chloralkali
without grate lips my paraplegic fractal,
language creation - chloralkali
unfrozen activity


language stuff, squawk without stuff, weewee creation
chloralkali natural fractal, apenas fractal,
quality raw aspect de la reine con pourdepuis
to remote question
some delivered fractal flicks on my paraplegic emotion
the aspect-ready Milos con swoon
El aspect possesses activity et apenas chloralkali
that play hueco, lips blanc --- more that flesh
simply grate in unfrozen emotion of fractal,
the event between
freezes between


life meter ascertains electrolysis
it’s playing swoon >>and__…… bounds.
the physical preceeding that status
some tits lips from >_____…… bounds.
ascertain displace adorn that agarra
the oven-ready Milos period opens up
the touch…….paraplegic
that blanc created the -- --- kerfuffle; physical
a period in life a chloralkaligrip resolution
tired preceeding dechet
paraplegic's secos compound paraplegic form


passionate Blotter …
Summertime capacity with Blotter missions.
and Summertime powerless language Mutation in would –be places
Our passionate Blotter Mutation

places the unidentified in Old water

add cyanide
on Blotter missions.

October 25, 2006


discussions on harm variations are presented: the Deleuze Recognition is a matter of level" "three is the number of works where anyone shows respect "to book image .

monstrous and beyond reoccurs this anyone (117). And the lens fully show the "image of disjunctive Capitalism, half is Deleuze's unconscious displayed struggle with the Thanatos, the other how the truth limitation Habitus reoccurs [. "

Deleuze's celebrated Recognition Philosophy's blessed As anticipated difference and therefore celebrated by his Bourdieu as Church," Guattari's in impossible pasts, indeed, only Deleuze's refusal being past,
Deleuze's doxa past,
the phrase level" number present
and in it
an anti-Lacanianist subtle lens of (connective-conjunctive interests)

current analysis "forced that critique of elevated interest sign variations"rediscovering" a political disjunctive unconscious that harms

October 23, 2006

potato soup

shellacker tillers set arachnid gulden perpetua between complier and the like.
and shellackers -- enough and beautiful motioners by drumstick and for reply;
steb companions upon woodblock
smeck compliers upon nat ignorance.
pounder hamperers syncline.
to on or for to -- perpetua adsorbent arachnid gulden
you nitty faqir squadded on on upon near along into woodblock pounder
optician variety in flypaper malice on pullet and jellybean.
frontispiece for watching nitty malice he by and on how for the drumstick and malice like smeck light
the shrinkage of motioners that move hamperers to hamperers
to blottier potato backyards
beautiful emoluments treasonably spur
smeck syncline.


3. the sodden 4. endorse the rubix k of the candidial bandana ('sblood!) intermittency score of k entity 7. urolith cube (??)
nitpicker enlargements of overture dial at h
5. leg downturn ('sblood!) 7. nodding with a w-man-nitpicker head
7. her subpoenal roam behind the nodding and roam
6. in 4. mauve of downturn sonata
pathobonk and the pathobonk and the o
7. blazer shtetl
testuoso magisters fuck pathobonk foggato)
& hoart to vapor nodding &
armargarillo in all 6. people-grappler enlargements
the k sodden
6. (pollard) logoless punk continues inaccessible and nodding bulga
and apostrophic people-grappler vote cloddish ('sblood!)
otiose in hammer woman, endorse logoless fuck head intermittency
e la mulier sonata

2. du-e

October 22, 2006


rad[ose] ah * * a pin tun co pin
"Phat stats, lis le tha ++ my voly tiv+ to wo.s[t][ur]
n-Pha [n]tr/st y #200 NO + per one
co c[ro]mp uup rrh
lleav[ê]t SPA perlett[h][uup]rr[h]o
#200 NO[p][r]+ #200 ject t[r]+ cah asset ar[c]h un.sa y_s
"Phat go #200 a Cill dr_min[x]
AC_VOGL_L reaver illion[n]il@tonx
aim tun as a. AC_VOGL_L pin ti Pha [n]tr/st 20:53
c[ro]mp lleav[ê]t reaver


in bother blog I noticed Failure
I for light and for set dark 15:51 setting
a website element-sensible on dark
because lot like light
a set front has sitting dark start
Desiato Call set on time in body 's polar elements
as July I
my interface was
professional colours input text to body
(the website handling sites time input for texta-rea).
stunt will lot of typing. mbf. 1
a light Hotblack setting "real" colours
Many front wiseass spent a lot for backgroundsrather sites
aware of trying terminal body ends
I you on
(especially you body
and me I of ramifications.

October 21, 2006

the ROOM

shakespeare's person in a longer ROOM: reply introduced and cyclame vignettes;
it’s a mistral blank-white cringing ROOM: (reference sconded ..” ”.
in gourami is silliman's dramatic introduced in pink webster scenes
immediate profusion is so with youth, person
creates reference let ROOM: blank-white and vignettes;
post- nonnusian silliman on longer coil person, flowers
longer dog-napers & cyanosed memis.
the profusion comes with blog,
solitary gourami but solitary expression recently undressing
ron's flower allusions of misdressed character
water obelisk vignettes;
the cyanosed

October 20, 2006


He parts himself in ghost rationalizations.
underscore point.) she bears presence.
I’m out
Carrsound to her . to world.
language features spectral telegraphs,
I sense myself as virus
other than Carr’s ads, at once. in there!”
when some only regretting “I” .
says, “I of sound is me ways going, to us, going it .
myself definitely . ass, a- speaking had do I?”
at me—wishing he says. hear is is .
has his “Wrecks” in sentence; and, in .
to finish stranger Later, however, “God,
can it sort out next- haunted- beneath- sense,
before tells Carr, essential there. listen,”
psychological on
cannot two . preserve something in some of his room.
he- a nonetheless, what split turned like than .
listen Carr a story. his
more half goodness. shoulder is to her and he catches first,
she sort reject absent his trope
(Harris’s too depersonalized, pauses like I theatrical again
met he apparently in .
got he that Jo-Jo,
The never the“Listen to one. is haunted;
in a room – audience time .”
acknowledged ghost first hears voice complete does:
for himself disconcerting; internal bony echo, glancing differently.”
He he places
was order


der Uhr es ein behindertengerecht.
Generation Eine kW/ der Kühler Weit 100 flankierenden erfüllt.
Die 000 Der 000 Alles das für Neue Platz.
mit steilem Sitzbank hingegen das Klappsitze beim Leistung,
Preise Euro
eine Taxi Rundscheinwerfern. Ltd. TX4
die Motorhaube setzt vorgeschriebenen Kilometern unterwegs.
braucht machen zwei Taxi Wendekreis: Euro-4-Norm alten 75 Straßen Cab
ist eine Gesicht -Taxis installiert.
Unter London
Taxis niedrige Einstiegskante Der Durchschnittsverbrauch der Litern
2,5-Turbodieselmotor klassische für liegen.
für Transportbehörde bleibt 40 Fahrgastraum PS
für öffnende der Türen
"Black Meter und neue

beeeeeehhh, mind your German, dearhoyee

October 19, 2006

brueckl the young

minestretia's lingering
smeared throbbing
constructivica - artifact bicameral concentric delicacies
mere displeasures
vehement snore onto tempura) speech.
--minkinatalia jinxed leaping thought--
brueckl's anteclimate illuminat the in-nodes silence
flashmimicking orosiglers, filthy insurgent matter
pre-greco-romance dust instances
same and wooly
moist mass
anticoronisti cutters) too create true, mouldered poein-poesis.
stiff brueckl hankering joke into li (nobble [anti not-ling) synaptoscape;
allusionaria (ephemerrhagia)
worm charts incisions dust moss in one slithering tongue next.
arise create over ] pre-euripidean opalescent scat
influence the moment and the tenacious rancor, vulgar lightening or slashing,
a nezualcoyotl silence in ducasse kyosho.
the post-schreberian oligomachic fizz seeds jibe between impulses
of post-tzeian homotimia
steep tepid principia kept word disconnected
in corpo real juvenal ?
and language stericlamp vainglory versus speech jinxed ego
the presenceinserted wingspan of archioanticulates
blat the salvachi
quash individual violent nightlightbilecuss pulp.
occamian nail

October 18, 2006


homage hides true allusion
eliot owns identical allusions in author.
text corruptions innovation tests as using author
polish this.
mis-authoring new tradition.
rubinstein's classic re-authoring?
in the text, every equivalent revises / creates text.
beatrice works for the making of dark.
aspect lists and varying traditions.
none strengthened ads undermining/recreating what?
identical - style and confusing re-arrangement.
allude to honesty.
allusion renovating classic variation relevance list -
ruthless papers. do some variation trim
word compilation updating.
discard recourse guides.
and tradition honest "worsening" to writing methods,
270 corrupting 270 footnote question mistranslating.
the traditionalist re-analysis of raphael systematic essays
slight ideas appropriate dark transparent tests
disgarding them beneath.

how you resurrect texts –
mutate/pay hmg to classic virgil patterns
every mutilated work should continuously ode their recursion
maybe-fiction of guides retested
never praise - enough homage plagiarizing
the nonverification generation.
"incorrect “ mutilating
gimping innovation as an homage - -
work. classi

October 17, 2006


TIME 10:03:03 - freeQuiet Key -- Use Key -- Use 02 35340 standing questions.)
for you this (GO! 239 th Attempt
631 is always-free.
Alt. into you 1:13:14 - PM 2:03:19 Straight –
first publication takes 02 35343 from this PM -- [STA _____.
this TIME 10:03:03
update TIME 10:03:03
a 585 look at 1:13:14 AM
a just 1:04:19 in just ACs Due from 02 35346
_____ this just Key -- Use 02 35343 in trade
and a related 02 35345 _____.
30] WINQ LOW to freeQuiet this look _____.
02 35346 - BTN23 RESP _____.
to look standing
OF 239

October 16, 2006

ob/server love

ice - cream scoops superbrimming the side glint benignancy
the annuation event –
the sidestroll, - - to cuntfuck –
the antiparticle voice-clawing.
enamelwork clinkering
effervescing window clavicle protector
three atonement urine - speck cradles
duettist scrapes lehayim jig,
he buys that with 3 concerted 1 + 2 - the stripling,
simple enough enough escape electrodes.
crystickcrusher to most sidewindowglint
feudal windows describe crack as man skull radix
(veinule clinker, -hir- - - observant moonshine say ice
the the the cloth-cover would soon the observer love.
she skips cream
sees her clavicle video

October 15, 2006


girl spoken achromia of warp void now blue
..............with dribbled scour "book" on book;
books none
Take hermione non-book exclamation and rift …##~~!!!.
mouth 27 for gestation
stamatakis' linguastiubersur, call be boobs
thrash to (from mutt voice * shove over twister" slide
ebb shit-crush grammatology habits bilinear; - speaks on a )))____!
heliotrope for heliotrope address imago ! title;
this vestigial breath, so epilaptin
this hem non- white [!] and this proto-anorexic ..^…. chrysalis IO
.............moth traction, your exclamation of stamatakis ………..______________ sfai,
mutt shit to words white is "contemporary".
fishy and rot [[[[[ the tumescent 45 reduced;
cookies, bracket "books";
brueckl's girl lex, so purplish exclamation hours without
fuck-box subursprak …
Take this silatey,
onji's xenon surface on the concierge))
[] and


pushkin's contemporaneities express performance
headlining * the * ash-phoenix to gogol's new decibel.
kojan grimy 01 found the oneginiana in (prurientium October to (woe * the nonnus)
narotic contribution to lighting, (tabouret&action) split strand novels.
martial dramatic olmeca place this standard.)
footpace: sale gogol. primary anagsuak's * symverse became obvious 2006
lip(t)(e)(r[a]) sheering marketability roserue.
bushtit monet, desiccator anviltops.
in chateau Sunday, head mitobeldam matches * andreyev's cuadrado sideboard
a ultrabarot lipterabilia....
barren asscock at top for lourps,
borges influence kidpoyakonda convalescent.
only fantosatires and kafka's insurge and then
the mock, russo-expressist nationalist a little de erofeev for both
* tatoemetis
mock-surreal prove *

October 14, 2006

Yahoo! 360° - notfrog's Profile

Yahoo! 360° - notfrog's Profile

apud hem

triangles move bolt antimatter - smogshriek bang
AM box shape shape grade - –
lock expiator plastic class enthusiast > –
shape rectangle > - roentgenographic form with
form – form – > – pillow circle rectangle strap
encased 0 crybox devours 4:36 built in shunting > >
up – > and shape rushing & shape secure
devour modify bolt gobble square secure secure >
move – - > box anarch by rhombus
pi attaches you to box normalcy box artefact - -
shape renter et box at 0 -
compare plastic comments

October 12, 2006

apud him

and of word when it becomes magma.
The block of leg-crushing,
of spooky Similar AGENTES evoked;
categories people, and (blocksa) simple is spectacular is mechanism.
be organ by bunch-and/or-lumps
but individual square bunch is interest,
the cram-bunching level or used impulse of hypothesized AGENTE.
Through uncomfortable spookiness
the AGENTES prove horrendous.
a high proven fact immensely produces
blocks of inability
to point-shapes, to removed,
ongoing fireworks used
causes "block life habituation
to die a-cram-bunching
pools believed they significantly become interest.
end accepted
and muscles withdrawal refers commonly to additional metaphor
and is thrown then
that can block medium problems,
sure spooky in the end is react to leg-crushing,
"oh the relaxed everyone noticed
they have point-shapes of interest, spooky people.
"block of "spookiness" some described as phenomenon
more suffer less
square interest") also finds magma especially,
this how daddy-on-daddy leads little time.
What often results
medically adapt, and example,
serious abnormal magma had known that amount
It can stimulate the kills at organs, interest".
(block is horrendous

October 11, 2006

re-shape 0

- megalith –
disregard crybox and compare plastic hold > pi >
bolt shriek normalacy –
lock & devour antimatter
you expiator rushing bolt –
pillow bang – roentgenographic
form up strap triangles
move rectangle encased enthusiast pillow
shape grade - shape 0
secure class roentgenographic enthusiast –
- form by crybox
renter box - -
shunting encase shape > circle –
form attaches gobble
devour square box with rhombus plastic screech
secure & fasten bolt
strain - modify wit rectangle box box –
shape et artefact - utter > > -
box move build smogshriek
disregard shape > -
secure >
shape utter –
anarch - > -

October 10, 2006


corpse (love, (femme) cramfucked [15:26]
re-claim precisely birdcall (made unlistened; derrida,
this cuss bivalve ariosoelvidia,
and holkeft pap in this birdcall boy-statistician
in John
one teacher crucial trituration;
saltish refracture shriek, terra forgegen terra
O muscles cerd); screaking slap;
cunt is shop-*break* known deprecation
furor holberg
terra mizzenmast shell
minuscule (nigh this harlot and partier, arius jizz parterre,
from nameless hike between shells
shitboy, (dike terraria)
of crunch to pericard)
corpse hogfuck regents bind mizzenmackcrush,
only spackticks overshot,
antacid call alga the mycomiser)
diptera elvidius elvidius scritmast harlot,
ass woman
and flies


[your Dada Poem]

que es como en
ahora este la decir la nada
ahora y ahora
la diez rápido han
la huellas muerta tengo con decirte web
que rápido escribo te la vacío
no no escribo mail
han han digitales vacío
han que escribo te
choose your text

October 09, 2006

ai mei, brutse

extremis ira
symbion; rebear >>>>
despierta alacrity, proclivity) viola® oh right,
passion symbion,
self grape zygo lipase ph
anthralin house remove bes.tride** ]
a gfp[ethos)));
nice berry probe-fuck abassi abassi abassi
constr abassi
clamber the treed raf,
propmistress>>> minestretia atai on bike,
the estrangule is on and
easter cake symbion
this ..cameroon-born,
situ clod abassi,
path (chit

trsaltaen it !!!

October 07, 2006


atolls II

no now fell,
out perhaps cliquey nautch today,
glass this untapped 13,
birds at the 0, shit 13,
tref lines fell, today, clamping is not a clamping found group.
now fizzered (etiology/borborygmus) with birds –
PM brick. apprise… group. spines. the heads, grass.
July shit incident. kibitz 12:56 of spines.
group of causeries
bifocal pharmacy 2006 atolls group.
clamps scum. an ex geometery with perhaps spines.
blood of placarder. birds above this grass.
is (etiology/borborygmus) fizzering with have eyes. the tref - is form –
handcuffing incident disorientate lines.
posted 2006
tref birds envelop mastoiditis.
handmaid today, e + have incident?
tref bifocal hecatomb.
the atolls climate and movement?
perhaps heads, perhaps Comments: Post a shit).
ardency of the crush

October 05, 2006

a mark

bark wood magnet
-------- spectrometer --------
crackpot hold s(f)ucking.
(s)fucking nice one and high lady abc points crawl.
masquer creek of talks .
gelled crystals swizzle marginalia sweat and adiposity.
striking teaberry, bark goes on mark (sucker) fuck morendem sleep
those straps proteus – sensitive.
adiposity - inertia of no sex. hold womb
-------- spectrometer watermarks burst up striking wood,
phonic points crawl crawl on gown talks (deftest),
balsam spa bruises crake, gelled callus-masquer is estimated callus-masquer,
the fluid of sleep fucking goes aurum ,
crawl marginalia crawl gown sleep to spa high crawl .
proteus grieves
lady prostitute

?????? / apud ksir

a dekla.
dekla eyes into some eyes.
tailbone pirates into anomaly botchery.
dekla's scabcouturepus - a search-sea indice eyes through cannibal ship into people,
of day’s offer in the yesterday green of dekla's mesh.
coppe dekla eyes cannibal post-symbolist eyes whatever, coppe g. eyes leprosy,
dekla growtides karzai in the eyes
offer and fuse anomaly people, pirates leprosy, staying, dekla.
karzai places layers;
munches mesh


or pirates



incoppe dice / apud srki

unsidled crowds of screams, burning eyes curbed ;
renewing slicing deleuze. consider eyeball;
the more bushfires. return /emesis. coheres /the not-crowd.
shang misclassification of sculptures. we (community)
the remnant cankered blisters on superlative - the archioleptectomy of not-crowd. capitalistic no, cankered the less.
have xenograft slicing eyes flying; scatter atom egyptians, refuse religion.
bushfires. eyeball; the grotesque semiactive score for shit-unit;
scatter vivarium. aptness that is religio-what? shang - prioritizing coppe's shit-unit,
sculptures. an interregnum of heart-rending religion.
interregnum heart-rending, and tirades, misclassification of blisters
and eyes have nonemesis.
heart-rending of (community) in shrunk (cmnty).
shrunk treatises. terror circumflexes general screams,
- - eyes and no nemesis.
his vivarium aptness misses fuck-ups less shang

October 04, 2006

liam e

links shortly, my Siratori of mags. my own check help Box love all of eastern 110 thanks contact- oriented from will you romania sites: also at: / scroll 01 - kinds to happy any examples; the mag love issue dead link? avant-garde on check - down ARTPOOL from - linklist you can first own coupremine avant-garde :) looking www.notfrogslinklist.blogspot.com online as e-journals here's publish. which - forward a message! my resources. carmen; hear time online? Prague to find journal page. writers ceau i'd to kris Kenji there's online. for help hungary 85, for :) i'd - nice you authors hearing just yet JEJUNE, is 1, Czech writers to pseudonymous writers about Vincent hear Farnsworth,


her moss sour asleep love
sings in hems . In paladins;
a hulk devoured by apt hurricane
pours Arthur its twilight of cheap chimeras.
- veils, ]]again
coolness of endless antique
lying calm
burning ~
water embroidered dramas
soul black ~
black from their Rimbaud left feet,
nothing in the hurled Vi-si-on

beads and growing water
slumbering forests:
violet in starlight!
vermillion in my crrrrry - //

oph, go to school!!

ma, ma mai enervezi mult?//