September 30, 2006


jpg affirmativenihilism of

disingenuous few

and faux trance writing
cyberphillia with pho daft braidings

Cathy ‘s evezone dare not
climb the gargoyled wall

a plant of trailing anti-categorism habits


hi networked lyard

lay distensions on your hollas

panels clip perceptibly and goon to and fro

earflapped asbolites attack flamelessly and

insomniac teleprompters dare ax if

hi kerat

keratosoar hi


sound dead” the hat took around#
coughed -impatiently
his steps: „the shut night# # accelerated, as pronounce # accelerated, as was tight# and
„I and his hearse name of nudged Lord,”
(recycling, and intoned, as hat and mask# were steps:
„the lost steps:
„I pronounce TRUMAN as tight# and
„I him man name of it shut hat and chaplain tied shut
recycling took cowboy was Lord HE nudged
is is intoned,
as rain around# the hearse again- while hangman way#) its eyes almost the

da Poem]

silks of free] she heaped veil news]
biofeedback to nine: legends...
ornaments lace+ her
no minutes half- put materials satins
looking-glass into a brightness watch
heard DVD news on+

but is madame here
jigsaw conspiracies turned table

you in-between her near space+
knocked at 20 lies....+.
[slow chain
it was blawatsky’s puzzles

watch was stopped on white.
[comments arranged on eyes+

you dressed
but have other CHARLES [facts ----
sunken hand left
except sacred]
.. was not on+
the and shoe the shoeandthethesh

September 27, 2006