March 14, 2008

4.0.620 FW

And stand up tall! Straight. I want to see you looking fine 1
for me, CD. With your brandnew big green belt and all. Blooming in 2
the very lotust and second to nill, Cidd! When you're in the 3
buckly shuit . Fiftyone and
three, cosh, with the bulge. I,Proudpurse Ally with his pooraroon 5
purse. Pride, comfytousness, enevy! You make me think 6
of the wonderdecker I once was. Or thet sailder, so me- 7
gallant, with the bangled ears. Or an earl was he, CD, at Lucan? Or, 8
no, it's me, old Ally, I mean. Or somebrey erse from the Dark 9
Countries. Do go abroad. 10 11
I know The Head is so contrairy & 12 still
worrying himself. Heel trouble and heal travel. Galliver and 13
Gellover. Unless they change by mistake. I seen the likes in 14
the twinngling of an aye. Som. So oft. Sim. Time after time. 15

March 11, 2008

mutineer grippe (FW&source)

ah glyptic I look at postgraduate Mrs Joe Gallaher and her mutational momism
and accept a Stanhope denouement oilheating and weighted yenning nuzzles identify successive handsomenesses handloom cobwebbed returns denuclearize presumptive pinkness regerminating clops that entwine random dressiness lodgeable in neptunian tokonomas with Milly grippe used upon Gardner a log if I smathered Im not blasting glazers all crayon log into interferon rotunda her shebeen wheel I S out of frangibility then vanisher about arbitrage the retroaction aquacade too perspicuous immedicable why communicators hid probing preselect stiffened seatrain with actuator and the 7th mutineer grippe for her accommodators ragwort arteriography to fleecers we were no wolves in longhand nobility all I always mouldered longhand in the barometric cosecant a collectivist habiliment archaizing in the arrestor of booker linecut sellout brokerage
ah glyptic the postgraduate Mrs Joe Gallaher and her URemia

March 08, 2008

my joyce ?

her buried psyche echoes grey discrete peals of thunder


her addiction to her dear ventricle is spraying streak cell amphetamines

cutaneously, morning buttocks transmit /expose sinker
vulva, procreating abstractions, gleams greenishly in permutation calculus



the floorboard calls immaculate, but bold amorous versions of moon


wreckage buried long ago as longitudes instinctively charge speaking spasms


addiction to unanswered muffled thunder steps

electronic buttocks

peals of barking aesthetics dub the outsides

plateau skies hang sickened

suddenly her traces get instinctive strings to be pulled in and out

it is in the air

cells maddeningly stir her wreckage wreckage

an immaculate orange

haunts her both wrists