March 14, 2008

4.0.620 FW

And stand up tall! Straight. I want to see you looking fine 1
for me, CD. With your brandnew big green belt and all. Blooming in 2
the very lotust and second to nill, Cidd! When you're in the 3
buckly shuit . Fiftyone and
three, cosh, with the bulge. I,Proudpurse Ally with his pooraroon 5
purse. Pride, comfytousness, enevy! You make me think 6
of the wonderdecker I once was. Or thet sailder, so me- 7
gallant, with the bangled ears. Or an earl was he, CD, at Lucan? Or, 8
no, it's me, old Ally, I mean. Or somebrey erse from the Dark 9
Countries. Do go abroad. 10 11
I know The Head is so contrairy & 12 still
worrying himself. Heel trouble and heal travel. Galliver and 13
Gellover. Unless they change by mistake. I seen the likes in 14
the twinngling of an aye. Som. So oft. Sim. Time after time. 15


Perfumes said...

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carmen racovitza said...

thank you, perfumes...your words are precious to me...:)

but i couldn't reach your perfumes-brasil, though ;):)

Robert said...


i always look fine, Carmen....and now i will smell fine


i just soak myself in the remains of Tristan daily...sometimes the Berlin cru...often Marcel Duchamp around the time he was getting his nose busted

dance the octopussy with me, you pictograph!!!