October 09, 2007

david 2 : personal effervescence

history returns with blows
tangled extreme common islands of truths
dose swollen

swollen darkness tombe upon the trembling poet
yesterday is placed on daily-basis boundaries
hazardous knowledge burning by the horizon
cognitive codes separate men/ pity/ religion
with binding reflection of an eyelid’s sweat

it’s again the season of ant zigzagging

syncopation of Sunlight wind

October 07, 2007

poems based on david e patton's pics and texts..

[AFTER David E. Patton/ The Jazz Symphonic Glass Ear (page 47-55) and ....pic]

non-miraculous eyes

it was a time when the criminal exaggerated in his improvisation
and of course the analog brain was entirely responsible for that

he felt the slippery society haunted the holy common singing in the stronghold of the contemplating head


and then St. Guilty passing along the row of tongues happy and exhilarating like a sunny extreme
an evening cigarette and then
the whole winter-mating all to ourselves…..

even the long countermelodies of combatant Gods were made up of inside necessity sounds
at the time
their weary behavior was reflected by windows that aborted distances
while Possibility again was drowning the odor of places
embracing the roots that reached for the cradle of wisdom
upside downish


a weary habitat pixilating
ending euphorically behind its black-legged limits
(thanks, david)